Friday, June 12, 2015

Creating and Using Your Own Spirit Sticks in the Classroom

Hello and happy SUMMER to you! I'm at that stage of break where I'm obsessive over the coming school year - my room, my behavior system, organization, year long plans, etc., etcetera... ETCETERA.  In true summer form I have no clue what day it is but I have my behavior system pretty much nailed down for my incoming second graders. Not too much about my system is changing but there will be some new additions and some necessary purges (buh-bye, clip chart). The newest addition though will be my classroom take on the "spirit stick". Like a brag tag but not, the spirit stick is a force all its own.


Okay, so if you haven't ever seen or heard of this patch-like wonder then you're unfamiliar with its hypnotism over school-aged children. You may have seen them in a Really Good Stuff catalog before. Here are what some spirit sticks look like: 

These are from the Practice Shoppe

Our year book committee struck fundraiser gold when they discovered the selling power of the spirit stick this school year. I have seen kids use their lunch money to buy these things. They're fun, they're colorful, and there are SO many options! I may or may not have purchased five for myself.

I decided to capitalize on this school wide obsession by creating some "spirit sticks" for my own classroom. I'm calling them Classroom Sticks... I know it needs work! You can rename them for your own classroom, which is kind of what I plan to do. Something super corny of course!

I created five academic themed sticks that I will use as motivators for reading, math, and writing. These are sticks that students can earn and keep. They range from "stamina master" to "word problem wizard" and I'll put these to good use in the first few weeks that we're establishing routines. I'll attach the "sticks" to key rings so the kids can wear the sticks they earn on lanyards or, this very popular option, attach them to their backpacks.


I'm looking forward to implementing my own personal spirit sticks in my classroom. I'm convinced they'll be a hit!

If you're interested in this fun idea, get your sticks HERE. There are 6 editable versions for you to make your own!!!!! (P.S. I updated some of the fonts so check out the product on TPT to see the newer version)

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