Sunday, May 17, 2015

Sailing Into Summer Blog Hop!

I'm excited to participate in a summer-themed blog hop hosted by The Language Arts Classroom and Julie Faulkner! Summer is fast approaching and if you're nuts like me, you're already looking for new ideas for next year. Check out my quick tips below and don't forget to visit all the other blogs at the end of this post!

1 final exam tip/idea
I teach second grade so we don't administer the big state tests to our kids but they do participate in diagnostic testing. I find it helps my kids out if I prepare the parents by sending home a little parent info pack. The gist of it is to notify them of testing, tell them ways they can prep their child, and to give parents the opportunity to write an encouraging note to their child which you can give them before their test. Click {HERE} to get my Testing Info for Parents FREEBIE.  

1 (classroom) thing you want to do again next yearI recently blogged about Class Compliments. This is a behavior system I use in my room and plan on using every year! It's simple to implement and easy to maintain. Best of all, the kids love it! Click the picture for a FREEBIE!

1 (classroom) thing you want to change next year
I plan to reboot how I introduce and manage my library. It needs a makeover!  I always say to non-teachers that they'd be surprised how quickly sixteen eight-year-olds can take over! Your classroom library is no exception to this rule. Without a fool proof plan you're at risk of chaos, book boredom, or probably BOTH. I'm obsessed with this post about introducing your library (by The Thinker Builder). He has it dowwwwn.
1 gift idea for students 
For my kids last year, I bought cute, mini journals at Michaels. I also gifted them each a mechanical pencil with a flag attached. The flag spelled their name vertically and each letter was a different adjective to describe them. I I was inspired by the below photo that I found on Pinterest (of course). The kids loved this gift because it was personal! I hope it kept them writing over the summer too. This year, to better ensure they don't get writers block, I'll include writing prompts to keep them inspired.
They were similar to these! (by Adventures of a Student Teacher)

Hold on! Summer is coming!!!!!!!!!


  1. I definitely need to renovate my classroom library this summer. Thanks for the push.

  2. Those pencils are adorable! I think those would work with any age.

  3. How absolutely incredible are those pencils?!?? Thank you for joining us!