Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Why I Have My Students Track Their OWN Data!

My first year teaching, we were required to keep data bins. Each student had a folder... With multiple folders inside that folder, with millions of samples of their work.  I never had enough paper clips to keep up. I never even wanted to even open the lid to my data bin quite honestly. Daunting to manage, organize, and carry, I couldn't wait to bid it adieu! What was worse - the kids never really saw any of their hard work. They'd get feedback but they couldn't SEE their progress.

This summer I decided to change that! Queue my Student Data Binders. 

Over the summer I decided I wanted my students to take ownership of their grades. I created what became their data binders - inside they keep track of their progress with ALL 2nd grade math standards, their reading level, and samples of their graded writing. 

Their math tests have the standards listed on the top and this is where I put their percentage. They've learned to color in the related graphs for each chapter and most can now do it independently! This, of course, took a few practice sessions :)

I love that they can fill in their Reading Growth Chart monthly and I love that they can see what their end of year goal is!  I also created a reteaching log to help keep track of each time we rehashed a standard they were not grasping. This helps a lot with grades later.

These binders have also been super helpful in parent-teacher conferences. I can easily show how a student has progressed with the math standards, if their writing has improved, and present their reading level pattern.

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