Saturday, January 24, 2015

Parts of Speech White Board Challenge {FREEBIE}

I love Scattergories. It's one of the things in life that I can say I'm reeeeeally good at (see also: napping, whining) which is probably why it's a favorite.

This parts of speech game, or as we like to call it in my classroom, White Board Challenge, reminds me a lot of my favorite pastime of total domination = Scattergories. It's essentially a review game. I divided the board into two sides and then (in this case) into four rows because we covered adjectives, adverbs, action verbs, and nouns (both common and proper in one row).

The teams line up in two lines and the marker gets passed to the person behind you. When you're up, you get a part of speech and a letter of the alphabet called to you and your opponent. The team with the most correct responses at the end of the game wins! Like Scattergories, if the teams have the same answer, neither get a point.


How I
keep track of what part of speech/letter combo I called: I lay out my parts of speech cards in a column and stack the correlating letters next to them. When I am reviewing for points at the end, I just look at my stacks and go through them, checking off what the teams have as I go. Take a look at the freebie I created to go with the game to get a better idea!

I can see that my kids need to work on adverbs and adjectives and that we need to cover both topics a few more times. 

I created this freebie to go with the game.
Get the Parts of speech White Board Challenge game for FREE here.

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