Saturday, March 19, 2016

Spring Activities

Spring Break is upon us as is the end of my professional certification courses. I see the light!  

We've been busy in the classroom this month and having fun with St. Patty's and weather. 

This week a leprechaun came to visit and the kids were SO amped up on catching him. They designed traps with simple materials in mind on Tuesday and we built them on Thursday. They were so engaged and worked so well together for honestly the first time all year. I suppose that is proof of the theory that if you engage even the toughest classes enough you will see results. 

I was really impressed by how their traps came out. The leprechaun left them a treat (green gems, gold coins, and Rolos!) but they were pretty bummed that the little guy hadn't been caught!

We also wrote similes about leprechauns!

Learned about clouds and rainbows...

After a simple experiment where we used a mirror, sunlight, and a cup of water to create a rainbow, we talked a bit about prisms and created a spectroscope. 

I can't wait to continue our weather unit in April. After a fun filled (and exhausting!) week, I sent the kids off with a little treat to start their break. 

I also made a little something for my team mates that I just love!

Grab the editable tags HERE. Please note that the fonts are VERY similar but not exactly as seen here due to licensing. You can check them out in the thumbnail on tpt:)

Have a great break!

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