Sunday, January 3, 2016

Getting Organized: Journals

Before I figured out that I needed a simple way to keep my students' reading journals organized, grading them was kind of miserable. They were a jumble of random reading responses and center word work and finding what I was looking for in them was a chore. I realized they must feel the same way!

I created a system that was very easy to set-up. I put their notebooks together in about 20 minutes and all I needed was some glue.

I printed out my labels and tabs on pretty Astrobrights and used a paper cutter to trim them. I divided up each notebook into three sections and glued away.

I included an "I Can" statement on each cover for my students' reference.

You could easily makeover your math, science, social studies, etc. journals as well with whatever tabs and covers you need.

I love this resource because if I want to change the way I organize my notebooks next year, I easily can. I like easy! 

The tabs and covers are editable and can be customized so that they make sense for your organization needs. There are also four different cute covers to choose from. I love Whimsy Clips clip art kids. They are the cutest!

Editable Tabs
Here is one editable cover option.

Click {HERE} to check them out in my store! * I created my notebooks before I updated this resource. The tabs in the download are a bit thinner in width so that you can fit much more than just three sections in your notebooks if needed*

If one of your New Year resolutions is organization then click {HERE} to revamp your notebooks.

Happy 2016!

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